icon-512x512-transparentPhotospector launches July 19th for iPad2+



Photospector is a FREE iPad2+ app that brings smart search albums, unlimited resolution, and real-time GPU-based editing to the iPad. Written by The 11ers, the 2012 Technical Academy Award® winning developers of Glaze, Photospector’s next-generation technology is the best way to search, edit and share images.

Photospector gives iPhoneographers and prosumer photographers a fluid workflow unprecedented on mobile or desktop platforms. Photospector’s Virtuoso virtual texture engine brings game technology to photo editing. An elegant interface designed exclusively for tablets navigates through thousands of images using search instead of manual filing, providing powerful image inspection and comparison tools. Dive in past the pixels, inspect their numeric values. Toggle and wipe variations of images and color correct with live histogram updates so you really learn and understand the effect each control has on your image. Apply color corrections, keywords, and ratings to groups of images using the $1.99 in-app purchase, and share, resize, rename, and adjust metadata for the entire group in a single click.


Photospector-ColorTools  Photospector-GroupView  Photospector-AlbumView

Photospector-CropTool Photospector-KeywordTool  Photospector-SharingTool


The videos below are short snippets, each about a minute long, that provide a glimpse of Photospector’s features.


A quick taste of the main features in Photospector. We just scratch the surface, getting a sense of how the real-time interface enables a fluid workflow when working with individual and groups of images:


Real-Time Editing

Histograms are a great way to study your image and the effect of each slider. Photospector updates both the image and the histogram in real time making it much easier to tweak the image and understand how the histogram works. See how contrast expands and contracts the histogram and how reducing saturation causes the histogram to become monotone:


Keywords & Smart Search

Folders are so 90s! Photospector uses search to organize your images, allowing you to apply keywords and then create smart search albums to find images based on keywords, dates, aspect ratios, star ratings, camera parameters, or any other information in the image metadata. You can also apply keywords to groups of images making it easy to organize your collection and find photos.


Unlimited Resolution

Photospector always works at the full-resolution of your images. Unlike most mobile photo apps, Photospector can easily handle full resolution images from the latest professional cameras. The default iOS Photo app is a great way to look at images, but, because it downsizes images, reducing their resolution, you lose detail. Photospector always maintains the original image, untouched. Check out the extra detail in this 24 megapixel image:


Gigapixel Zoom

Gigapixel images have over 20 times the number of pixels of even the highest resolution professional cameras. Photospector is so powerful it can view, edit and even resize your photos to any output resolution. Here’s a fun little test where we zoom in on a Gigapixel image, with 40,000 x 25,000 resolution:


Group Editing

Group editing is one of the most powerful features in Photospector. For a $1.99 in-app purchase, you can apply color correction settings to entire groups of images in a single click. Adjust the color on one image and then copy and paste those adjustments to an entire group. You can also rate, flag, resize, apply copyright & author metadata, and share entire groups of images with this powerful tool:


White & Black Points

Advanced editing operations really become powerful tools when they can be used interactively and the results of variations can be easily compared. Check out this example where we try two different ways of adjusting the contrast of an image, first using the contrast slider, and then using the more advanced white and black point eyedroppers. Interactively tweak these controls to find just the right settings at any resolution. Use Photospector’s powerful wipe and toggle controls to easily compare the results of variations: