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The musings of the Photospector developers as they crush bugs, endure testing feedback, wrangle new features and wrestle with the chores of being an independent app developer.

Photospector Launched!

Photospector launched worldwide on Wednesday, July 18th! Check out the Roadmap below to see what’s coming in the next version of Photospector. Press We’ve gotten fantastic reviews so far, with the biggest coming from¬†Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac: “…the iPad photos app Apple should have made all along.” –¬†Cult of Mac In total, we had 20 published pieces on […]


A gigapixel is a billion pixels, or 1000 megapixels — a 45,000 x 25,000 pixel image. A high-end DSLR is typically 12 – 24 megapixels, and next-generation cameras will get as high as 50 megapixels, but that’s still 20x smaller than a single gigapixel. That’s a lot of pixels, but Photospector can view and edit these images in real-time (after […]

Game Tech for Photos

Continuing the theme of tricky and subtle features that nobody notices when they work correctly, check out the quality improvement in Photospector when we properly filter this high-resolution photo from Moscone Center below (click on the image to toggle between Filtered or Unfiltered): Notice the aliasing along the window frames and cables? See how the buildings get sharper? The “Filtered” […]

Advanced Sharing

Photospector isn’t flashy. It doesn’t have fancy filters that make gorgeous images, like Glaze. It doesn’t provide any features not already found in other apps. It simply provides the basic features you need everyday that work well together, on single or multiple images, with a much more intuitive and powerful interface than any other app. The basic stuff done right. […]

Thumbnail Polish

Update: Photospector releases on iTunes Friday, July 19th! I was really hoping we’d start Beta testing on May 1st, but we had a few more bits to finish up first. In addition to some additions to the sharing features, there’s a bunch of polishing work that was needed to remove garish bits of ugliness. Today’s example are thumbnails, and especially […]


We’ve got big plans for Photospector! We are committed to improving Photospector and we have a great list of major feature additions planned. Help us figure out which ones to do first by voting on your favorite feature. We’ll implement features based on your votes. Seriously. Below are descriptions of each proposed feature. Can’t find the one you want? Leave […]

Making it Beautiful Functional

We just got back our first taste of the final widget and heads-up-display UI design from our recently hired artist, Julien Martin so I figured it might be fun to look back at some of the early design concepts for PhotoSpector. Now that Julien is going to make our functional design beautiful, we can safely look back at our early […]